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Our address:

Campeggio Al Cor
Via G. Matteotti, 63
38069 Torbole sul Garda (TN)

Telephone and fax number: +39 0464 505222

Now see also our directions for booking!

From motorway A22 take exit "Rovereto sud" and follow road signs to "Lago di Garda". Continue on this road as far as Torbole (about 11 Km). At the entrance to the village, take the first turn to the right and immediately after the Q8 service area, turn to the left into the road leading (see photo) to the campsite.  .

N 45°52'16" - E 10°52'27"


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Season 2019 start:


* adult 10,00 €        
child (between 3 and 13 years old) 6,50 €        
children 2 years and under free        
pitch 12,00 €   6A electri inclusiv    
double bedroom    39,00 €        
bungalow with two beds   39,00 €        
bungalow with three beds 46,00 €        
bungalow with four beds   53,00 €        
caravan with double bed    39,00 €        
villa with double bed 65,00 €    
dog 3,00 €        
trailer/boat   2,00 €        
2nd car 4,00 €   space permitting!     

* The season 2016 will again be charged the tourist tax of 0,70 € per night. The tax is calculated for a maximum of 10 days to each person who has completed 14 years.

Half-serious instructions for almost desperate tourists.

The reservation:
How to make it possible;
The best way to get a place in our camping is to make a reservation. To request a reservation you must send a letter, fax or email.
When to send off a written application?
Let us finish the season!!! The first requests can arrive from the middle of October. If you send your requests before then, there will be the risk of losing everything because of the stress of the season. You can also try to send a fax today for yesterday, just to get through some paper.
When do you get an answer?
The camping is closed until Easter and we don't work before then! To the load of requests we will give an answer after Easter of the requested season(don't forget to write exactly your address and/or fax number!).
1st hurdle: maximum 15 places.
We reserve only 15 places. The 16th interested in the same period will have a negative answer.
2nd hurdle: The “oldests” have the precedence.
In case of too many requests, the “oldests” have the precedence if they've always honoured their reservation. So it can happen that if you send a fax in October you will not get a place because 15 “oldests” have requested the same period. This rule is valid only if the requests come before Easter and the“oldests” continue to honour their reservation. Otherwise they will become “youngers”.
... If I send my request after Easter?
There's nothing left to do but hope to find a place in the fortunate 15 people that overcome each hurdle, or trust in the

Waiting list:
What is it?
The waiting list picks up all those unluckies who don't have a reservation(99% of our guests) and who are hoping to get a vacancy in our camping.
How to get on the waiting list?
From 3.00 o'clock in the afternoon you can put your name on the waiting list for the next day. The waiting list remains preserved and safe in our office until evening and when the office closes it will be displayed outside the window until 7.30 the next morning. Therefore first come, first served!!!
Why am I not the first of the waiting list if I was the first to put my name yesterday
at 3.00 p. m.? Because we must help all those unluckies on the previous list who didn't get a place!
And then?
Not later than 8.00 o'clock the following morning you must confirm the waiting list(you may have found a place in another camping or no longer wish to come in our camping!). Those who come to confirm after 8.00 o'clock will be right at the end of the same waiting list.
And the place? When may I come with my car, caravan, family, dogs and baggage?
Quiet!!! We must wait until someone comes to pay and makes a place available. Places will be distributed following the order of the waiting list.
And if not enough places become available to reach my position in the list?
Today is not your lucky day! You can come in the afternoon and reconfirm your name
for the next waiting list, that must be reconfirmed before 8.00 o'clock of the following
morning! etc., etc., etc.,....
Can I put my tent on someones booked place?
It is possible, but you must move on the day of the reservation (not before) and to move you need to be on the waiting list of the vital day. How is your luck?
... and if I stay with a friend on his place?
On a single place you can stay with a maximum of 2 cars and 5 persons. You can share the place with your friend only if you're staying more than 3 nights. Don't try to be clever!!! If after one night your friend leaves you can't become the new owner of the place when other people are still waiting their turn! It doesn't work so!!!Maybe it is all too complicated for you? You can try with a trip to Lourdes or you can pray to your favourite saint. They can work miracles!!We do our best! We're still adapting ourselves and we're open to brilliant suggestions. Not to drive you out, but to help you to begin your well deserved holiday we give you the names and phone numbers of our colleagues:

Al Porto +39-0464-505891
Europa +39-0464-505888

Arco Lido +39-0464-505077
Maroadi +39-0464-505175
Bellavista +39-0464-505644
Arco +39-1464-517491
Zoo +39-0464-516232

Al Lago +39-0464-553186
Bavaria +39-0464-552524
Monte Brione +39-0464-520885
Garda +39-0464-552038

You may be aiming to have a seasonplace?!? Sorry, there are no more.


We would like to point out that our office is closed until 12/04/19 and we will take care of your request from that time on!

  • e-mail? ... here we go!

But do not expect to get a quicker answer from the old fax/letter system!

Request for pitch

Request for caravan/bungalow/room/villa


  • fax

To facilitate your booking request, we have prepared the following application form, that you can complete, print out and send us by fax or mail.

Request for pitch [68 KB]

Request for caravan/bungalow/room/villa [74 KB]


1. Camping customers, on their arrival, have to leave their identity papers at the reception for the booking. When entering the camping ground, they ought to accept the following rules. In case of serious breaking of the rules, they will be straightaway asked and forced to leave the camping area.

2. Not-campers are not allowed to enter the camp-ground. Customers' guests are only allowed, after getting permission from the Management, between 8.00 AM and 21.30 PM. They are requested to leave their cars outside the camping area, to handle their identity papers at the office desk and pay the daily charge as due (see price list). Otherwise, the price a head will be charged to the place holder.

3. Under-age persons are allowed, only if together with parents, major relatives or major authorised escort.

4. The Management reserves the authority of allocating customers in the camping area, as well as giving all the necessary instructions for the general well-care. Customers ought to keep their belonging, such as cars, caravans, tents etc., within the limits of the allocated place.

5. Between 15th June and 15th September, occupancy of premises and allocated places is subject to the actual presence of the customers. Because of public order, the customer is obliged to inform the Management of his leaving and of his return, in case of spending the night outside the camping area (tel: +39-0464-505222). It doesn't change the duty to pay the whole charge fixed with the check-in also for the above-said period of absence. Possible variations on the number of the present persons will be charged on the day of return. The customer is responsible of any damage to other people and/or the manager, caused by the unattended things left on the place, as well he excuses the manager from any responsibilities in case of missing those unattended things.

6. Please check the opening hours for every single service available on their own time-table.

7. Arrivals and departures can only take place during the opening hours (see time-table at the booking office). Customers are anyway asked to leave the camping ground before noon and to pay their bills between 7.30 AM and 12 PM on the same morning of the departure. In case of departure and/or settlement of the bill are done after 12 AM, a day extra will be charged.

8. Between 22 PM and 7.30 AM entrance gate will be shut and no one will be allowed to drive around the camping. It is as well forbidden to park in front of the entrance gate during closing hours. During closing hours entrance gates will be overlooked and can be used only by the camping customers with regular permission.

9. Instruments producing any kind of noise must be kept at a low volume during the opening hours and turned off between 23 PM and 7.30 AM.
Beside, between 23 PM and 7.30 AM nightly silence must be kept and any kind of noise disturbing the quiet of the customers is absolutely forbidden.

10. Customers are requested to look after their own belongings. The Management is not responsible for any loss or stealing, unless entrusted value.

11. It is strictly forbidden:
a. damaging plants and camping equipments;
b. digging holes around the tents;
c. pouring boiling or salty water, as well as any other waste liquid over the ground;
d. Lighting fires in the open.

12. Chemical WC-containers, as well as other waste liquids, must be emptied in the sewage disposal units located in the sanitary facilities premises.

13. The Management does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by natural calamities.

14. Use of electrical connection is subordinate to employment of materials suitable to the CEE rules in force. Any kind of responsibility for damages caused by faulty materials (cables, equipment’s, etc.) is assumed by the customers. Electrical connection to the tents is anyway forbidden.

15. Entrance to the electrical connection and the fire-extinguishers has to be kept free. Casual beginnings or fire or events which can endanger the safety of the other customers, should be immediately marked to the Management.

16. The Management does not take responsibility of any kind, for inconveniences caused by unforeseen black-outs or break-downs of the hydric-system, loss or damages caused by natural calamities. Any kind of damage has to be immediately declared to the Management.

17. Laundry and washing-up have to be done in the suitable premises. Our customers are kindly requested to leave the sanitary facilities as clean as they would like to find them.

18. Customers are required to keep the camping ground perfectly clean, waste papers and rubbish of any kind have to be put in the provided dustbins.

19. All sorts of disturbing games, such as football, volley, bowls etc., are forbidden.

20. Any kind of accidents or infective desease have to be immediately declared to the Management.

21. Mail shall have to be collected at the booking office. If uncollected, after 7 days it will be sent back to the sender.

22. For any well-grounded complaint, please apply to the Management.

Suggestions and complaints are to be presented, with your complete address, to our staff, that hard-working group, will busy themselves on your behalf, 24 hours a day.