Our camping rules

Our camping rules

The rules to be followed:

1. Camping customers, on their arrival, have to leave their identity papers at the reception for the booking. When entering the camping ground, they ought to accept the following rules. In case of serious breaking of the rules, they will be straightaway asked and forced to leave the camping area.

2. Not-campers are not allowed to enter the camp-ground. Customers' guests are only allowed, after getting permission from the Management, between 8.00 AM and 21.30 PM. They are requested to leave their cars outside the camping area, to handle their identity papers at the office desk and pay the daily charge as due (see price list). Otherwise, the price a head will be charged to the place holder.

3. Under-age persons are allowed, only if together with parents, major relatives or major authorised escort.

4. The Management reserves the authority of allocating customers in the camping area, as well as giving all the necessary instructions for the general well-care. Customers ought to keep their belonging, such as cars, caravans, tents etc., within the limits of the allocated place.

5. Between 15th June and 15th September, occupancy of premises and allocated places is subject to the actual presence of the customers. Because of public order, the customer is obliged to inform the Management of his leaving and of his return, in case of spending the night outside the camping area (tel: +39-0464-505222). It doesn't change the duty to pay the whole charge fixed with the check-in also for the above-said period of absence. Possible variations on the number of the present persons will be charged on the day of return. The customer is responsible of any damage to other people and/or the manager, caused by the unattended things left on the place, as well he excuses the manager from any responsibilities in case of missing those unattended things.

6. Please check the opening hours for every single service available on their own time-table.

7. Arrivals and departures can only take place during the opening hours (see time-table at the booking office). Customers are anyway asked to leave the camping ground before noon and to pay their bills between 7.30 AM and 12 PM on the same morning of the departure. In case of departure and/or settlement of the bill are done after 12 AM, a day extra will be charged.

8. Between 22 PM and 7.30 AM entrance gate will be shut and no one will be allowed to drive around the camping. It is as well forbidden to park in front of the entrance gate during closing hours. During closing hours entrance gates will be overlooked and can be used only by the camping customers with regular permission.

9. Instruments producing any kind of noise must be kept at a low volume during the opening hours and turned off between 23 PM and 7.30 AM. Beside, between 23 PM and 7.30 AM nightly silence must be kept and any kind of noise disturbing the quiet of the customers is absolutely forbidden.

10. Customers are requested to look after their own belongings. The Management is not responsible for any loss or stealing, unless entrusted value.

11. is strictly forbidden:
        a. damaging plants and camping equipments;
        b. digging holes around the tents;
        c. pouring boiling or salty water, as well as any other waste liquid over the ground;
        d. Lighting fires in the open.

12. Chemical WC-containers, as well as other waste liquids, must be emptied in the sewage disposal units located in the sanitary facilities premises.

13. The Management does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by natural calamities.

14. Use of electrical connection is subordinate to employment of materials suitable to the CEE rules in force. Any kind of responsibility for damages caused by faulty materials (cables, equipment’s, etc.) is assumed by the customers. Electrical connection to the tents is anyway forbidden.

15. Entrance to the electrical connection and the fire-extinguishers has to be kept free. Casual beginnings or fire or events which can endanger the safety of the other customers, should be immediately marked to the Management.

16. The Management does not take responsibility of any kind, for inconveniences caused by unforeseen black-outs or break-downs of the hydric-system, loss or damages caused by natural calamities. Any kind of damage has to be immediately declared to the Management.

17. Laundry and washing-up have to be done in the suitable premises. Our customers are kindly requested to leave the sanitary facilities as clean as they would like to find them.

18. Customers are required to keep the camping ground perfectly clean, waste papers and rubbish of any kind have to be put in the provided dustbins.

19. All sorts of disturbing games, such as football, volley, bowls etc., are forbidden.

20. Any kind of accidents or infective desease have to be immediately declared to the Management.

21. Mail shall have to be collected at the booking office. If uncollected, after 7 days it will be sent back to the sender.

22. For any well-grounded complaint, please apply to the Management.