Hotspot Internet Point


Welcome to Hotspot internet point!

Dear Customer, you can get high speed and wireless Internet surfing here thanks to Wi-Fi technology! To make use of the Hot Spot service you need a Windows/Mac laptop, tablet or smartphone provided with a Wi-Fi certified card or a Wi-fi integrated laptop.

Preliminary operations

Some cards and operating systems require to set the name of the Wi-Fi network in order to connect. You can proceed in two different ways:
   - if the list of the available Wi-fi networks is displayed choose "CampeggioAlCor"    - type in "CampeggioAlCor" in the "SSID" or "Network name" in the configuration parameters.
Now you can control the quality of the signal and choose how much Internet-time you will have to pay in the office. We offer 1 day, 3 days or 7 days of connection (3,00 - 7,50 - 13,00 € respectively) and we need a valid identity paper for your recording by law. On the coupon you will be given you will find the data you need (username, password, payed Internet-time and deadline for using the Hot Spot service.

Ready, steady, go!

Once you are connected to "CampeggioAlCor" network, open your browser. A log-in home page will be automatically displayed and your Username and Password will be required. Click on -Accedi- and you will be ready for Internet surfing. Remember to do the first log-in within 7 days.

  • 1 DAY 3,00 €     3 DAYS 7,50 €     7 DAYS 13,00 €