Our surroundings!

Our Nature

The magic of nature!

Botanists, ornithologists and simple nature lovers can find here a real paradise. We only mention Monte Baldo ad a habitat of orchids. He who visits lake Garda and finds himself at the foot of Monte Baldo may climb it and learn to know it. The eastern lakeside rises from 60 to 2000 meters or more above sea level. Some millions of years ago, the massif was still belowe sea level, that is why fossils are still visible. Suddenly deep strengths induced the earth's crust to emerge from the sea and it was therefore covered by new life forms. Instead of milticoloured corals, today we can find the brght colours of an alpine flora, one of the most rich in europe. Like before were the corals different in forms and colours, today we can find similarly the orchids of Monte Baldo. About 60 different species.