Discover our origins!



In the following years immediately after the 2nd world war, tourists came again to Torbole. With amazement the torbolains saw new things, never seen before: people that arrived in bicycle or in canoe, going down along the axle of the river Adige up to Mori, and equipped with small and smallest tents. In that years there were no camsites in the village; the only one was Maroadi in the common of Arco, in operation from 1951. Many of these tourists asked mr. Staffieri, owner of a Villa on the shores of the lake, to be allowed to set up their tents in the park of his Villa. So born the idea that was at the time extremely revolutionary to change the park into a campsite.
The transformation, began in the middle of the 50er years, was not trouble-free. One had to overcome the current mentality of staying only in Hotels, the reclamation of the whole marshy zone of the cor, the 1960 flood favored by the numerous channels that surrounded the area of the campsite and the change of use of the Villa in the Restaurant with Mini-market.


The campsite, property of the family Staffieri since fifty years, was personally led by mr. Lamberto and his wife Giuseppina until 1990. Now the property is led by the heirs Maria Grazia Staffieri and her daughter Camilla, and the support of the actual manager Jochen Bockx, that co-works with the family since 1982. Since 2007 the team has been enriched with the arrival of Cristiano and in 2014 has arrived also Niccolò to give a hand!